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Cookies are a small quantity of data, stocked in files within your browser. Cookies are accessible and saved by all websites you visit and by the companies that display their ads on those same websites, so that they can recognize your browser. Websites can only access the cookies they stocked on your computer. You can find more information about cookies at the following address
We use cookies for the following purpose:
– ease navigation by recognizing your browser as a previous visitor.
-monitor statistics on visitor numbers (meaning the use made of the website by its visitors, to help improve your experience) and to help measure and study our online interactive content’s efficiency and characteristics. The data we collect is exclusively used for statistics. We do not in any way mean to take advantage of this data to personally identify one user.
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This website includes links to social media platforms in order to give visitors access to the brand’s pages. They are third-party social media modules, able to stock information on your internet activity, including on this website. We invite you to learn about those websites’ terms & conditions of use and privacy policy that will tell you more about how and why they use your data.